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Are you a local business or trade who would like a place at our 2019 show?

Spaces for Trade Stalls are available indoors and out doors. 

Indoors, in the Craft and Food Tents there are lovely 6ft x 6ft  spaces.

Outdoors spaces are of varying widths and either 20ft  or 30ft   deep. They start at 10 ft wide. We can be flexible and we can almost certainly meet your Trade and Craft need.

Trade contact: Penny Bliss, Trade and Craft Secretary

Trade and Craft Business Directory

Would you like to advertise here? Contact Stella on 01434673001

Pry House

Do you have friends or family visiting Slalely and need to put them up somewhere close by? Or indeed are you looking for a base to explore Northumberland and beyond? Pry House offers peace and quiet in a lovely rural setting.

Steve Percy 01434 673835

Thanks to all at Pry House for supporting Slaley Show

Trade and Craft Bookings